About My Art

When I’m painting, I think about the kinds of  messages I want around me. As I kid, I remember a time when all the other kids around me were complaining about everything, and I decided I did not want to be like that. I want my world to be a place that is uplifting, encouraging and playful, so I mostly use simple shapes and bright colors in my artwork.

I love to paint on reclaimed materials, finding a way to re-use things that might otherwise be thrown away. Besides painting on regular canvases and panels, I paint on old windows, vintage wood, and metal.

I did not always paint robots, but on impulse some years ago I added a small cartoon robot to a painting, and now robots have completely taken over my artwork. 

 Johnny Botts painting, "Tic Tac Type"  Johnny Botts painting, "Sparkle Jungle"  Johnny Botts painting "Double Modern Style 308-4"