About Me

I’m Johnny Botts, I’m an artist, and I paint cartoon robots.  I live and work in San Francisco with my husband of many years.  I love it here!

In Silicon Valley, I was a “Rocket Scientist” designing equipment for outer space in the early days of CAD.   I enjoyed problem solving and the process of creating physical things.   In 2013 I left that behind to create art full time.

When I’m painting, I think about the kinds of  messages I want around me, and put them into my work. From a young age I decided to approach life with a positive attitude. I want my world to be a place that is uplifting, encouraging and playful.

I did not always paint robots, but letting go has been part of the fun. On impulse, I added a small cartoon robot to a painting, and now robots have completely taken over my artwork.

In the last few years, I painted murals at Facebook’s CA headquarters, sold work to Capitol One, and had my artwork published in the Arts and Entertainment section of the New York Times.