Sutro Tower

Sutro Tower

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Sutro Tower

Acrylic and Spray Paint reverse-painted on plexiglass, featuring San Francisco's iconic Sutro Tower and my robot Darius. If you look closely, you'll see a leg of the tower intersecting a rainbow. It is mounted in reclaimed metal.

I love how you can see the Sutro Tower from everywhere in the city, and I see it every day out the back windows of my house. The tower was controversial when constructed, but I think people love it now.

The blue panel is just how I received it, a commercial dryer front panel reclaimed from a San Francisco laundromat. It shows the scrapes, stains and rust from years of service, and has a beautiful patina.

This painting measures approximately 33.25 inches tall, 25.75 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. It weighs approximately 18lbs, wired and ready to hang.

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