Handle Negatives by Edges Only
Handle Negatives by Edges Only

Handle Negatives by Edges Only

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I am thrilled this piece was included in The de Young Open exhibition at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, and pleased that is sold on the first day of the exhibition.

Spray paint, acrylic, 35mm film negatives, label tape and epoxy resin on reclaimed plywood. Detailed image shows the title encircling the outer edge..

Overall size is approximately 35 inches diameter x 1.5 inches deep. 

Spacers on the back float the piece off the wall.

This painting contains vintage 35mm film negatives pushed to the edges of the piece, and features my robot Sophia in the center, surrounded by symbols of peace and love. The title “Handle Negatives by Edges Only” is from text that appears on packets of processed film. A second interpretation of the phrase encourages us to focus on the positive, being careful about how much negativity we allow into our lives.

My husband and I have adopted the mantra “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise,” and I have created robot characters to promote each word. Sophia’s name means “wisdom.” I associate her with curiosity and learning. The colors in the flowers around her are based on Pride flags and the U.S. flag. I included them to promote acceptance of all people.

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