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4 Robots--Asher, Valentina, Darius & Sophia. Who are they?

Robots Valentina, Asher, Sophia, and Darius

For the last couple of years I have been painting 4 robots representing the words Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. They are Asher, Valentina, Darius and Sophia.

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Purchase my art at Lifvendahl Fine Art Gallery in Guerneville, CA

Lifvendahl Fine Art Gallery with Johnny Botts art, night shot

I am currently a guest artist at Lifvendahl Fine Art Gallery in Guerneville, CA.

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Introducing the "Solar Power" collection!

"Solar Power" features Robot Asher recharging in the sun!

Products now available in the shop.

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First 100 Days

First 100 days of the Biden/Harris presidency!

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First 100 Days: Days 41-60

Days 41-60 of my First 100 Days project will be available for pre-release sales starting tomorrow!

Day 42 Daring


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