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Introducing the "Solar Power" collection!

"Solar Power" features Robot Asher recharging in the sun!

Products now available in the shop.

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First 100 Days

First 100 days of the Biden/Harris presidency!

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First 100 Days: Days 41-60

Days 41-60 of my First 100 Days project will be available for pre-release sales starting tomorrow!

Day 42 Daring


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Welcome 2021

I'm glad to put 2020 behind me, and I'm hoping for better times this year.

Johnny Botts smiley series CardinalJohnny Botts smiley series OrangeJohnny Botts smiley series YellowJohnny Botts smiley series GreenJohnny Botts smiley series Blue

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Countdown to the Election: Days 20 through 0 (sold out)

I started counting down the days to the election 20 days out by posting a small piece of artwork for sale on Instagram each day. 

 Johnny Botts Countdown to the Election 20-1

If you haven't already done so, please vote!

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