Dynamite 4A
Dynamite 4A
Dynamite 4A

Dynamite 4A

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Inspired by the concept of Dynamism--the quality of being characterized by vigorous activity and progress, pieces in my "Dynamite" series are segments of a 43-foot mural that my husband and I painted at the Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco. 

The mural was painted on anti-graffiti film, which allowed it to be removed without damage. I selected vignettes, transferred them onto wooden panels, and augmented with additional elements to capture the feeling of the original full mural. Everything is in motion!

"Dynamite 4A"
shows my robot dog "Sparky" and a wary fire hydrant.
Acrylic on Anti-graffiti Film, mounted to Cradled Wood
Painting is approximately 16 x 72 x 2 inches
Shipping Available

Installation has been extended--Now on display through December 20th, 2020 at China Basin Landing.

China Basin Landing
185 Berry Street, lobby 3
San Francisco, CA 94107

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, Closed Saturday & Sunday


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