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More Collage Pieces

Along with other projects, I've been creating a few more collage pieces.

Johnny Botts collage "The Cleanest I've Been"

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Giving back while flattening the curve

In San Francisco, we have been sheltering in place since March 17th. My husband and I have been using the time to organize the house, and I am fortunate to have a small home studio, so I have continued creating art. I have made a new collage series with proceeds  to benefit a local business.

Johnnybotts art Shelter-in-Place pieces


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Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

I have a studio at home, and have kept working during the San Francisco self quarantine:

Johnny Botts painting AsherJohnny Botts painting ValentinaJohnny Botts painting DariusJohnny Botts painting Sophia

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Here's a peek at work I'm delivering to China Basin for an exhibition in 2020. Click through to see more!

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Big Panels

This week I'm making large panels--5ft high x 4ft wide, getting ready for a January installation at China Basin in San Francisco. 

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