The Hero's Journey

I have finished a bunch of new work for open studios, including three new panels based on parts of "The Hero's Journey," a concept popularized by Joseph Campbell.

In "The Hero's Journey," there's a call to adventure, in which an individual leaves the familiar world to pursue a quest. Along the way, the hero meets challenges, but things seem to be going according to plan. At some point, everything falls apart in some way, and the hero must develop a new and better plan in order to succeed. 

Mission accomplished, eventually the hero returns home enlightened from the experience.

Johnny Botts painting, "A Call to Adventure"   Johnny Botts painting, "In Control"  Johnny Botts painting, "Letting Go"

These have been fun to paint, using my Double Robot as the hero. I'm calling them "A Call to Adventure," "In Control," and "Letting Go." You can see them in person along with other new work at my Open Studios event, Nov 1-3 at Arc Gallery in San Francisco. 

Friday, Nov. 1st 7-9pm Preview Reception  
Saturday, Nov. 2nd 11am-6pm Open Studios
Sunday, Nov. 3rd 11am-6pm Open Studios

Arc Studios & Gallery is located at 1246 Folsom Street, between 8th and 9th streets, San Francisco, CA

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