StARTup Art Fair Recap

We had a great time at the StARTup Art Fair April 26-28 at the Hotel Del Sol in San Francisco, where 60 artists transformed hotel rooms into gallery spaces for a weekend.

Bench and I had room 212. We wanted to create a space that did not look like a hotel room, but we could not remove furniture. We pushed everything back and constructed walls of pegboard to make a room within the room.




It was fun creating the concept!  I wanted it to feel like you were inside a rocket looking out through round portholes.


The days of the fair, we had a ton of people come through. Here's a link to a one minute video to give you some flavor of the whole fair:

During the fair, visitors voted for best room, and best artist. I am happy to announce I won first place for Best Artist!  

Photo credit: @midoleeart

Thank you to everyone who came to the exhibition. We'd love to be part of it again next year!



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