Giving back while flattening the curve

In San Francisco, we have been staying home since March 17th, doing our part to flatten the curve. My husband and I have been using the time to organize the house, and I am fortunate to have a small home studio, so I have continued creating art. I have made a new series of collage pieces that share what I'm doing and feeling while staying home to help flatten the curve. They are available with 100% of the purchase price to be donated to a  local business.

I didn't know what I would make when I started, but my thought was to create collages to reflect upon this current time, and to make smaller pieces that could be easily mailed. Initially I made one piece with the words "Block Party" on it, thinking about how all parties are now zoom parties online. I've participated in a few zoom calls, and it has been fun to connect with my family and other artists that way.

One morning I woke from a dream that inspired me. Positive words started coming to me that expressed what I'm going through.

Here are some of the words that came to me: Think, Share, Wave, Bake, Wake, Walk, Call, Talk, Connect, Zoom, Clean, Watch, Hope, Prepare, Be, Pray, Laugh, Eat, Adapt, Flow, Learn, Good, Home, Cook, Drink, Play, Care, Dream, Reflect, Create, Give, Live, Imagine, Sage, Purge, Space (6 feet!), Mask, Binge, Truth, Trust, Believe.

Here are the pieces that have resulted. Click Here to see all images together larger, or click individual images for more details.

johnnybotts art block party Johnnybotts art Think Johnnybotts art Share Johnnybotts art Wave Johnnybotts art Call Johnnybotts art Clean Queen II Johnnybotts art Learn Johnnybotts art Home Johnnybotts art Play Johnnybotts art Dream Johnnybotts art Binge

Each piece is 6x6 inches, priced at $125, and I will donate 100% of purchase price from this series to a restaurant in my neighborhood, Bistro SF Grill, which has been offering take-away meals at cost (or free) to serve the community and to keep their employees working. You can read about them here:

Best wishes to you! Stay safe and take care of each other.

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