Porthole Series: Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Johnny Botts with porthole paintings FourSquared 2020   

During this time when galleries are closed and everyone is staying home, I am fortunate to be able to continue making art and participating in shows--it's just that everything has gone virtual. People are in the process of figuring out how things can operate.

Johnny Botts painting "Rocket" Johnny Botts painting "Flowers" Johnny Botts painting "Diamonds"Johnny Botts painting "Wise"

Arc Gallery's FourSquared exhibition is one of the shows I'm in. It features 16 artists, each creating 16 small works. I am so happy to be part of it! I made small porthole paintings, and centered them on a mantra my husband and I have adopted this year: "Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise." We focus on one of these words each week to improve our outlook. 

Johnny Botts painting "Leather Cap"Johnny Botts painting "Carrot" Johnny Botts painting "Money Bags" Johnny Botts painting "Heart"

 I had a lot of fun with the paintings, and am happy with how they turned out. Each is 10" diameter, reverse painted on glass, and set in a circular metal frame.

  Johnny Botts Painting "Upside Down" Johnny Botts Painting "Holding Hands" Johnny Botts Painting "Star"Johnny Botts painting "Science"

There are 4 robots in the series, and robot is the feature of 4 paintings!





Johnny Botts painting "Smilies" Johnny Botts painting "Hearts and Masks"Johnny Botts painting "Money Face"Johnny Botts painting "Thinking"

Here's a link with all the info about the show:


If you'd like to preview the art, here's a link for the online catalog


Sales are through Arc Gallery. You may email ArcGallerySF@gmail.com with your choices and they will invoice you via Square.


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