Open Studios Recap with Photos

Thank you to everyone who came out to my Open Studios Oct 12-14th at Arc Gallery in San Francisco. I was featuring my new "Port Hole" series--circular windows trimmed in metal frames and reverse-painted on the glass. Here are a few photos from the weekend:

Friday, my main wall started out like this.

"Golden" was the first "Port Hole" to sell. It's my version of the Golden Gate bridge, with a sparkly blue sky, and the bridge trimmed in metalic gold paint.  The "Port Holes" are reverse-painted on the glass of commercial washer and dryer doors.


"Dreams are Where the Magic Happens," the first piece on a commercial washer door to sell. The glass is convex, so I got to paint on the curved edges as well as the back.


"Colors Collide," another Port Hole on a washer door.

Doug and Pearl got "5 Essential Commands you can Teach Your Dog" with 5 robot dogs, and "You are Destined to Witness the Discovery of the Secret of Life," with my Double Robot.

We replenished the wall for Saturday morning.  

"It's Always this Way," another Port Hole piece on a washer door. It shows Laserboy and Officebot tumbling with flowers against a sparkly glitter background.

"Upon the Waves and "Minneapolis-St Paul and Vicinity" --both with an orange octopus.

"Be as Happy as You Want," with Laserboy, Wonderballs and a candy-corn billed Oxpecker.

"Our Star in Our Galaxy is our Own Hot Sun," and "Everything You Want is on the Other Side of Fear."

Ending Saturday night...


"In the Deep" and "Sneaking Cookies."

Closing out the weekend with one more "Port Hole" sale, "It Only Matters What Happens Now."  I do spend some time thinking about painting titles, so I'm glad to share some titles here.

 The response to the new pieces at my Open Studios was a very positive, and I'm so grateful!  I have only 3 Port Holes remaining, which I have placed at City Art Gallery and 24th Street Pop Up Gallery. I'm looking for more materials, and I will plan to create additional pieces going forward.  Please keep in touch for updates! 

Thank you!


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