Just for Fun

A long time collector sent me a text message saying they created a BOTTS corner in the guest room of their new condo.  Fantastic!  It is fun to see pieces created over several years all in one place. 

I had forgotten about painting the F-bomb in the wall collection above.  I painted it as part of a huge valentine's day collection--all red paintings--and it was a direct result of a gift I received from a collector who makes wonderful things with crochet:

I asked it I could share the pics--"Absolutely!!!"--and then more started to arrive.  These 3:


These in the guest bathroom:

And last, but not least, a queen from the "Queen's Bathroom":

I'm grateful for the love and support of these collectors! 

If you have an artist you collect (not just me),  I would encourage you to send them pictures of their art where it is hanging. They could probably use the boost!

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