Johnny Botts' art at SF District Attorney's Offices

Robert Melton is a curator in San Francisco, and he asked me if I would consider a long-term installation with some of my portholes at the brand new offices of the San Francisco District Attorney. 

He has created a space-themed room for the Children Victim Services Reception Lounge including artwork from multiple artists. I'm happy to take part! I dropped off three portholes and can't wait to see how the room comes together. 

Painting, "Taking time for the Little Things"
Taking Time for the Little Things

Space Available

Painting, "I Know I've Started to Think"
I Know I've Started to Think

The San Francisco Victim Services Division advocates for victims of crimes. I hope that my art in the Children's reception lounge can contribute to the well-being of anyone using the services offered. 

Pieces in my Porthole Series are reverse-painted on reclaimed glass doors from commercial washers and dryers. I love to recycle old materials into my work, using things that might otherwise be thrown away.

These paintings will be available when the exhibition comes down, date TBA.





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