Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

I have a studio at home, so have been able to keep creating art during the San Francisco self quarantine. My husband and I recently adopted the mantra "Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise" covering what we want to manifest in our lives, and 4 new robots have come into my artwork because it. 

Johnny Botts painting Asher. Johnny Botts painting Valentina. Johnny Botts painting Darius. Johnny Botts painting Sophia

They are Asher for happy, Valentina for healthy, Darius for wealthy, and Sophia for wise. I think it is important to take care of ourselves in all of these areas, so my new robots will be advocates.

Johnny Botts character Valentina Johnny Botts painting Asher Johnny Botts photographing Fitz Roy painting.

I've been playing with different ideas--creating digital versions of them, and putting them into additional artwork to see what develops. My dream is that they will become toys or even cartoon characters with positive messages. Stay tuned! It is a journey.

Meanwhile, everybody stay safe. That's part of what I've been doing during the stay at home. What has your experience been?

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