October 14th-Nov 2nd: Countdown to the Nov 3rd Election

New pieces for sale soon!

Starting October 14th, I will be counting down the final 20 days to the November 3rd election by posting one piece of optimistic artwork for sale each day on my Instagram: @johnny_botts 

Here are a couple of in-process photos with map backgrounds. I chose maps from all over the world, because this election will affect our whole planet.  

Johnny Botts Countdown to the Election background maps

The finished pieces will include my robots, text counting down the number of days, and positive words for the future.

Johnny Botts Countdown to the election pieces started

I am doing this project because I am hopeful and want to spread good energy for the outcome of the election.

Follow my instagram @johnny_botts to see the countdown. A new piece will be posted for sale each day starting October 14th.

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