Collage Backgrounds

Starting Collages! In Palm Springs for some rest and relaxation, and I'm starting some new artwork along the way.

I'm painting sheets of maps and pages from vintage children's textbooks, and will use them as backgrounds for new pieces I'll be showing for open studios in November.

I select maps and illustrations based on color, and wash them with different shades of paint. Years ago, every time we'd visit a new place, I bought a paper map to get my bearings, so now I have a large supply! 

The children's textbooks I am using are vintage 1959 and 1963. They are filled with fun illustrations, and have a naive innocence about them, with classroom science experiments, and instructions on how to conduct one's self.  One of them is a teacher's version of a book I had as teenager, so it is nostalgic for me to see it again. 

I don't know what the final results will be, and it's all an experiment at this point, but it feels good to be "doing!"

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