4 Robots--Asher, Valentina, Darius & Sophia. Who are they?

Robots Valentina, Asher, Sophia, and Darius

For the last couple of years I have been painting 4 robots representing the words Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. They are Asher (Happy), Valentina (Healthy), Darius (Wealthy) and Sophia (Wise).

Robot Asher

The red robot with blue eyes is called Asher, which is a Hebrew name meaning “fortunate, blessed, and happy one.” My intention is to show him playing at enjoyable activities. He’s usually wearing a baseball cap.

Robot Sophia

The blue robot with green eyes is called Valentina, which is a Latin name meaning “strong and healthy.” My intention is to show her advocating for healthy life choices.


Robot Darius

The blue robot with brown eyes is called Darius, which is a Persian name meaning “rich and kingly,” and “he who holds firm to good." My intention is to show him as responsible, generous and abundant.

Robot Sophia

The purple robot is called Sophia, which is a Greek name meaning “wisdom.” My intention for her is to advocate for science, truth, and learning.


To take care of ourselves and improve our lives, Bench and I have adopted the mantra “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise,” and we focus on one of these words each week. Thinking about these words raises the level of our intentions to live bigger, to be in sync with each other and with the universe, to learn and grow, to have a purpose, and to build a legacy.



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