September 23-25 The Mission Kiss

 Johnny Botts Mission Kiss 1 2022   Johnny Botts Mission Kiss 2 2022

I'm participating in the Mission Kiss, a project to bring love and art to the public.
Mission Kiss description
I made two hearts: one will be available at the silent auction at Analog Gallery Sept 23rd 5-9pm, & 24th 12-5pm, and the other will be hung somewhere along the mapped route on September 25th, 4-6pm.
Mission Kiss at Analog Gallery
Silent Auction:
Starts September 23rd, 5-9pm
Ends September 24th, noon-5pm
Analog Gallery
888 Capp Street
San Francisco, CA 94110


Outdoor Art Show
Sunday, Sept 25th, 4-6pm
One of my hearts will be hung in the mapped area

Mission Kiss Map

I'm looking forward to these fun events to support the Mission Kiss!


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