Virtual show, China Basin Landing

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The physical event for this show has been cancelled, but artwork is available online here:

You may visit China Basin on your own during business hours.
Artwork will be hanging now through December 20th, 2020.
Monday-Friday during office hours 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Due to Covid, check with them in case public access has changed.

Closed to the public on weekends.

China Basin Landing
185 Berry Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Johnny Botts and paintings, China Basin Landing lobby 3

In lobby 3, I have work on display from two different series--"Dynamite," and "The Hero's Journey." The "Dynamite" artworks are segments of a 43-foot mural that I painted at the Salesforce Transit Terminal in San Francisco.

They are big!--most measuring 5 feet x 4 feet--and it has been fun working on a large scale to fill a large space.    


China Basin Landing features artwork from multiple artists in six lobbies:
Lobby 1: John Chinchiolo
Lobby 2: Nance Miller
Lobby 3: Johnny Botts
Lobby 4: Joshua Smith
Lobby 5: Joyce Roletto Faulknor 
Lobby 6: Courtney Collins-Carreras

China Basin Landing
185 Berry Street
San Francisco, CA 94107 

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