artist's statement

When I'm painting, I think about the kinds of positive messages I want around me, and put them into my work. From a young age I decided to approach life with a positive attitude. I want my world to be a place that is uplifting, encouraging and playful.

I let myself experiment with different materials and processes, and view my artwork as a flow. In addition to traditional canvas, I like to recycle by painting on wood panels, windows, cabinet doors, and anything that grabs my interest. Letting go is part of the fun. On impulse, I added a small cartoon robot to one of my paintings, and now robots have completely taken over my artwork.

My formal education is in Engineering and Business. In Silicon Valley, I was a "Rocket Scientist" designing equipment for outer space. Some of that seems to come through with the themes I choose. In the last few years, I painted murals at Facebook’s CA headquarters, sold work to Capitol One, and had my artwork published in the Arts and Entertainment section of the New York Times.

I live in work in San Francisco with my husband of many years.

Thank you for taking time to look at my work!