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In April at San Francisco's City Art Gallery, I was showing a new series of paintings on windows with divided horizontal panes. The windows remind me of split-screen movie scenes, where two sides of telephone conversations are shown simultaneously...

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Studio 360

WNYC's Studio 360, the Peabody Award-winning nationally aired public radio program focusing on pop culture and the arts has done a segment on large retailers selling art. Here's my painting, "49 Mile Scenic Drive" featured on their page.

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New York Times!

The New York Times
published an article
about Costco selling
fine art on,
and identifies me
as one of the artists
being featured.

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Room Re-do

Two of my youngest early collectors, Zaden and Devin, re-did their room to go with their Johnny Botts paintings. Read more to see the photos...

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“Spaced Together”

As featured in the New York Times! This piece is a collaboration between between me and the artist Misho, and the original was sold sale on Misho is a photographer, and I paint directly on his photographs.

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Carbon Emissions 2

Commissioned painting Carbon Emissions 2 is done and was hanging in San Francisco the same day it was picked up. The buyers sent this image.

The new piece is meant to balance their previous selections--Home 1, 2, and 3, featuring San Francisco houses.

I'm always glad to do commissions, and it's fun to see the ideas that people have in mind. There's always a little suspense on my side--hoping that they'll like what I paint, so it's great when I hear back that they're happy. Thanks guys!

Big Adventure in the USA

Here's a new commission, "Big Adventure in the USA", with robots headed to Brooklyn via San Francisco and Manhattan, following the same path as it's new owners! The painting is 36 x 36 inches, acrylic and epoxy resin on cradled plywood.

My original sketch below. It was fun to incorporate so many things, and you can see, some parts of the painting evolved differently. She's not in the sketch, but I was inspired to add the Statue of Liberty to the painting. She's tiny--but you can see her if you look very closely. What other changes can you see?

New Digs for "Carbon Emissions 2" and "Home"

A collector just sent an updated photo showing the new location for "Carbon Emissions 2" and "Home." They had just purchased a Tom Everhart piece, and moved things around. Thanks for the photo! I'm glad to be in such great company!