bts...Behind the Scenes


In April at San Francisco's City Art Gallery, I was showing a new series of paintings on windows with divided horizontal panes. The windows remind me of split-screen movie scenes, where two sides of telephone conversations are shown simultaneously.

I started to think of other phones that have been used over time, and how every telephone becomes obsolete as new technology comes along. Today's smart-phones will be the same--one day we may think it quaint how in 2013, everyone willingly carried these devices in their pockets.

Three of the four paintings are sold, with the pink telephone piece still available. (Click the parial images below to see). I had just Netflixed "Down with Love" and "Pillow Talk," so one of the paintings had to show a girl robot talking on a pink princess phone.

Other people in the show included Denise Tarantino, Mike Kimball, Scott Finsthwait, Alberto Toscano, Katie Gilmartin, John Schreiner, Stephen C. Wagner, Richard Linder, John Kraft, Danja Critchell, Laura Biacona, Andreina Davila, Beth Wellington, Amy Levine, Maria C. Rodriguez, Ann Marie Hodrick, Beka Brayer, Gabrielle Lessard, Suzane Beaubrun, Maria Luna, Joseph S. Kohls, Ju Youn Chang, Gustavo Mora Perez, Rea Solis, Erik White, and Richard Dodds.