bts...Behind the Scenes

“Spaced Together”

As featured in the New York Times! This piece is a collaboration between between me and the artist Misho, and the original was sold sale on Misho is a photographer, and I paint directly on his photographs.

Photographer, artist and gallery owner Misho and I have collaborated to create a series of pieces we call "Spaced Together." We choose photographs from his collection, and I paint directly on the photographs, either on paper or canvas.

Misho photographs closeups of walls, rust, and gritty street details. He finds beauty in objects and places that others might not notice. Printed at large scale, his photographs encourage exploration of details.

He says he is drawn by the color palette and energy in my work, and the way it captures the inner child in all of us.

I paint playful cartoon robots with a retro sci-fi look and pair them with rockets, flying saucers, planets, and familiar objects, I like the way Misho captures details and maintains mystery in his images. They're a perfect backrop for robots, rockets and space themes.

Plans are in the works for another installment of "Spaced Together" later in 2013.

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