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Safety Pins

After the presidential election, my Facebook feed filled with stories of people being afraid, people being harrassed, and people being attacked. As a consequence of the election, hateful people are feeling more justified and willing to express their racism and homophobia. I can't continue to watch it and still believe I live in a world that is safe and sane.

Those people have always been there, I know. But I expect our leadership to be better than that. I expect our president to set a civil tone and to denounce hatred. Throughout his campaign, I saw a candidate incite violence. I saw him mock disabled people and heard him boast about assaulting women. Now that he will be president, I see the kinds of people he proposes to put into leadership positions. I see attacks happening to LGBTQ people. I see the KKK celebrating. I am afraid for the future of our country for all of us.

I'm wearing a safety pin to identify as someone willing to stand up for the vulnerable, and I made these paintings for my own healing--blue for Democrats and red for Republicans, because we have to protect people together. We have to be better.