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Arts Alive Ingleside

Ocean Sun rendering

I'm working on a street art banner for Ingleside!

ArtsAliveIngleside has invited 74 Bay Area artists to create art banners to hang along San Francisco's Ocean Avenue commercial corridor. Going down Ocean Avenue, I am inspired by three "Sun Sphere" sculptures from Laurel True, and pay homage to her mosaic spheres in my painting "Ocean Suns."

I have my rendering, and started painting the banner tonight! You can learn more about Arts Alive Ingleside on their website: The cool thing is that all of the art banners will be auctioned off to the public. The banner unveiling takes place Sunday, May 1, 2016 at SOMArts, 12-4pm. Hope to see you there!

I'm looking forward to seeing all the different banners created, and mingling again with my people.