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Cartoon Windows coming along

cartoon windows

People sent suggestion for leaving this latest set of windows as black outlines only. They look cool stacked up, seeing multiple designs. I experimented a bit, and the stacking looked best when there was a good distance between the images. So I'm still experimenting. Stacking two windows on top of each other would get very heavy and bulky to hang. More than two would be crazy heavy. So I'm thinking maybe plexiglass layers, etc.

Meanwhile, I couldn't stop myself from doing some painting on them. I began filling in the elements. If I do them my usual way, the next step would be painting backgrounds, so I'm holding off for now.

These photos are the pieces in process. When they're done, they may look a little different. Part of the fun for me is letting things happen along the way. Look for the finished products to be available in September at City Art Gallery in San Francisco.