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"Now We're Talking..."

New show at Park Chow!

Park Chow is located in Sunset District of San Francisco, at the edge of Golden Gate Park near the de Young Museum, and the California Academy of Sciences. They connect art with the community by hosting work from San Francisco artists three months at a time. I'm feeling fortunate to be asked back for a solo show throughout their restaurant, and installed more than a dozen pieces, some created just for them. Two new pieces round out my "'bots-Talk series with something I've never had before: spray paint stenciling on the back! I recycled some painted wood panels to protect the paintings on glass.

Show runs through 2-16-2015 through 5-26-2015.

Here's a sampling of "Now We're Talking:"


Text Me Later, Front and Back

Tell Me More, Front and Back

Red White and Blue

Up and About (Part 1 and 2)