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Rustic Frames

"Something Rustic..."

Using wood scraps from my garage I just made some rustic frames for some new work.

I just made some rustic frames for the new pieces I'm painting on canvas. I wanted to beef up the canvases which are rather thin, and thought something chunky could be fun--and these are chunky! They're cut from 2x6 wood deck scraps (actual measurent is about 1.5 inches thick) so I cut the frames 1.5 inch square using a table saw. These are considered "floater" frames, because the pieces float in the center, and no part of the canvas is actually covered by the frame. That works for me since I usually continue my paintings around the sides of canvases.

I painted only one of the frames, because it looked too fresh and new. I want them to look battered and old, like the wood planks they came from--including nail holes, random paint and stain. I'm still working on the paintings to go inside. They'll be small panels set side by side.

Here's the first diptych nearly done, "You've Got That Look in Your Eye..."


You've Got that Look in Your Eye