bts...Behind the Scenes

Family Slides

My dad shot 35mm slide film almost exclusively, with the result that as a family we rarely looked at the images--That was a major exercise involving setting up the Kodak carousel and projection screen, and hoping that the projection lightbulb was still working. With 9 kids in the family, we were going all different directions, so nobody was looking at slides.

As a result, during this slide scanning exercise, I've come across pictures I don't remember seeing before. It's fun to see what we used to do, and see how much people have changed. Something I realize seeing them all is that despite the beautiful scenery shots mixed in, I only care about the pictures with people in them. They are really only significant to me and my family, (you probably have your own set of similar family photos that only you care about) but I'm glad to have them and even wish there were more. My memories are around the people, and not the places we visited.

Until recently, in photos I would shoot myself, I'd carefully exclude people--especially avoiding posed pictures of myself and others standing in front of famous places. So embarrassing! But I've decided I'm changing. I have more perspective now, and know those are the very pictures I'll want to see later. So I'm taking more photos of people, and fewer photos of doorways (even doorknobs!), churches and mountains. How about you?