bts...Behind the Scenes

"Knowing" and not "Knowing"...

I've been in the studio painting every day, getting ready for new shows coming up.

The piece I'm working on now uses my hex-covered "Wonderball" for inspiration, but this time it's painted in honey colors, and robot-bees may be part of it. Stay tuned, because I don't know what they'd look like yet. Part of the fun is experimenting.

I wonder how many artists "know" ahead of time how their finished work will look? I don't really want to "know" all the answers (and that goes for other parts of my life besides art) because it would shut down exploration and possibilities. It seems I can plan, but ideas come along during the process, and I want to pay attention to that. So, right now, the plan is for some sort of robot-bee(s), but everything could change...

If you make art, do you "Know" how your work will look?