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Here are some process shots showing how I've been making my "Studs" pieces:

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This is the End

Motif Gallery in Palm Springs has invited me to put my robot-spin on Modernism for their show coinciding with Modernism Week. I love the midcentury architecture in Palm Springs, and love the way it uses cement "Breeze-blocks" for privacy and shade. I have created a new series of pieces based on breeze-blocks and invite you to join me for the show!

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Art & VR

Art & VR

Jasper de Tarr interviewed me and Isaac Cohen on stage at the Art & VR event held at Upload Collective in San Francisco. I talked about my transition from "Rocket Scientist" to artist, and Isaac talked about what the future will look like for the VR artist in the sci-fi future.

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Exotic Voyage

Painting: Now It Can be Told

Visit Creative Framing & Gallery in July and August to see "Exotic Voyage"--a Tiki/Robot/Alien infusion featuring four San Francisco Bay Area artists.

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Here are some photos of different walls I have painted...

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Family Slides

Family Slides This week I'm editing family slides taken by my dad to share with my brothers and sisters.

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